As a courtesy, we also offer custom shirting, made in America, starting at $200

Thousands of different fabrics, buttons, and styles are offered

Every aspect of the shirt can be custom designed
Every aspect of the shirt can be custom designed


I first met Charles Goyer in one of the meetings at Los Angeles City Club. When he introduced himself and gave me his business card it perks my interest. I’m a kind of person that will try most anything when it comes to clothing.

I traveled internationally because of my business. I had my custom made suit in Hongkong, in Singapore and I thought to myself I want to try this guy.

He came to my house got my measurement. When the suit was delivered, it needs a little bit of adjustment. It took awhile to have my suit done because he messed up one of the sleeves.

He called and explained what had happened. To make up the inconvenience he gave me custom made beautiful shirt.

Charles Goyer is a professional all the way. I was amazed of the service that he rendered. I sooo happy with my suit. The character of this person that I really do appreciate so much is HONESTY!  I highly recommend Charles for his services. I believe me, you wil never be sorry.

Kudos to you Charles!!!!

Jayvee P